Did Brad Pitt buy Angelina Jolie a second-hand private jet for international flights?


Here are some photos of Brad Pitt from earlier this week that I never got around to publishing. He was in France for several days, allegedly to take some meetings and help organize his wedding to Angelina. Of course, we’ve heard that all before many, many times so at this point it’s like “The Boy Who Cried Chateau Wedding”. What’s kind of funny to me is that Brad is literally wearing the same outfit he wore when flying to France. This is his new favorite outfit. I guess it’s really comfortable? Ugh, hobo goat.

But really, this story is so much more interesting to me – did Brad buy Angelina a private jet?!

Brad Pitt has apparently decided to splash out on a private jet for Angelina Jolie. The Hollywood stars are thought to be planning to marry later this year, although they are faced with some time apart soon. While Brad is due to shoot The Fury in the UK, Angelina’s next directing project Unbroken is taking place in Hawaii.

The actor apparently decided he wanted to make it as easy as possible for him, Angelina and their six children to still see each other. To help, he plans to splash out on a private jet so trained pilot Angelina can travel around with ease.

“He told her that she can choose the plane and he will pay – that way, they can fly back and forth to see each other and Angelina’s always wanted to fly a jet across the ocean anyway,” an insider told British magazine Heat.

Although Brad wants to treat his fiancée, he is being mindful about the cost of a plane. The two stars have a chateau in France which they have been renovating at great expense. It means he is likely to purchase a second-hand plane to help keep costs down.

The Hollywood superstars got engaged last year, although they have been together since 2005. Since they confirmed they were to marry there has been intense speculation about when and where the ceremony will take place.

It was recently suggested that Angelina wanted to pay tribute to her late mother Marcheline Bertrand by tying the knot in her favourite place, Hawaii. She has apparently been thinking of her mother a great deal since deciding to have a double mastectomy to cut her chance of developing breast cancer. Marcheline died after battling ovarian cancer in 2007.

“Angie seems to think that it would be very fitting if they had the legal part of the ceremony in Hawaii, wearing her mother’s beautiful ’70s wedding dress and with only their children around them. It will be a very private, emotional affair,” an insider said earlier this month.

“Hawaii brings back lots of memories of her mother for Angelina and was the one place that made Marcheline feel really happy.”

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Both Brad and Angelina are trained pilots – he took flying lessons after they got together – but I think Angelina is reportedly the better pilot. She already owns (or owned) a few fancy little planes, I think one of them was a specially made Cessna. So, a private jet wouldn’t be a huge deal, I guess.

I didn’t realize that they were going to be separated while working on separate projects half-way across the globe from each other. Is that really the timeline? Maybe. I think Angelina is supposed to direct Unbroken in Hawaii this fall, and I don’t know when Brad will film Fury, but I guess that’s going into production soon enough, judging from Shia LaBeouf’s incessant camo-wearing.


Did Brad Pitt buy Angelina Jolie a second-hand private jet for international flights?
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